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Soon everything will change. Chaos is engulfing the world: most people have lost their sight, electricity is gone, people are in panic, and the government is unable to cope. The edible plants Triffids, which were kept behind electrified fences, have broken free, and it seems they are now hunting humans. The main character hopes to survive and deal with the Triffids, but he is blind. The eyes through which he will see will be those of a ten-year-old girl. She never thought that the survival of others would depend on her.


On the day the world changed, I couldn't even see it happen. But I'm still alive, and firmly intent on getting out. My path is deadly dangerous. You'll have to choose between "unthinkable" and "hopeless". But the worst thing is to stand still. Immerse yourself in an audio epic where darkness is your home, and sound is your guide. Will you survive in this world? We'll find out soon. Listen carefully... and act... Your adventure is just beginning. 

Blindfall key features

Fully 3D audio world
Touch control
A video game with no graphics.

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